Ramm Environmental


AHERA 2-Hour Asbestos Awareness Training Program Agenda

    Introduction 15 minutes
    ·         Explanation of the Asbestos Containing Materials in Schools Rule
    ·         Description of hand-out materials
    ·         Description of two-hour awareness program
    Video Presentation 30 minutes
    ·         Information regarding asbestos and its various uses and forms
    ·         Information on health effects associated with asbestos exposure
    ·         Recognition of damage, deterioration and delamination of asbestos containing materials
    ·         How to avoid causing fiber release (inadvertent exposure)
    Questions and Answers about the Video Break
    Break 15 minutes
    Walk-Through of the Facility 20 minutes
    ·         Locations of asbestos containing building materials throughout each building
    ·         Discussion at each location of: type of material use how to avoid exposure where to report damage
    Review of the Asbestos Management Plan and Control Program 15 minutes
    ·         Explanation of what is in a management plan
    ·         Availability and location of the facility management plan
    ·         Discussion of the control measures outlined in the facility plan
    Questions and Answers 15 minutes
    ·         Quiz for review
    ·         Collection of training documentation forms