Ramm Environmental


    PEOSHA Right to Know Training Program Agenda
    Introduction 30 minutes
    ·         Explanation of the New Jersey Worker and Community Right to Know Act
    ·         Description of handout materials
    ·         Description of Four Hour Right to Know Program
    Video Presentation 35 minutes
    ·         PEOSHA and RTK: What’s It All About?
    Review, Questions and Answers About the Video 10 minutes
    Break 15 minutes
    General Overview of Occupational Health 90 minutes
    ·         Chemical Hazard Identification.  Labels, MSDS, HSFS, RTK Survey
    ·         Evaluation of Hazard Seriousness
    ·         Types of Damage caused by Hazardous Chemicals
    ·         Measurement and Evaluation of Exposure
    ·         Prevention and Control of Exposure
    ·         Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - hands on training
    ·         Chemical Specific Training


    Walkthrough of the Facility 45 minutes
    ·         Provisions of the Right to Know Act
    ·         Employee Rights and Employer Responsibilities
    Questions and Answers 30 minutes
    ·         Quiz for Review
    ·         Questionnaire
    ·         Collection of Training Documentation Forms